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Learn how to care for you new hemp products!

Care advice for hemp duvet, mattress protectors, pillows and furs

These care and washing instructions are suitable for our hemp products. If you follow our washing recommendations, you will significantly extend the life of the products.

How to wash hemp products?

Washing hemp duvet, mattress protectors and pillow cases

  • Preferably use an environmentally friendly detergent such as Almgren's washing soap, which you can find in our store. Do not use particle based detergent as they will ruin your hemp duvet, instead use a liquid detergent.
  • These hemp products need lots of space and water. Therefore, wash the hemp duvet and mattress protectors individually.
  • Machine wash up to 30C/86F, gentle cycle
  • Do not use fabric softener and bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Hemp is a natural material that is self-cleaning. This means that you can  let your products air out and thus wash them more seldom. 

Washing hemp fur comforter and pillow cases

  • Only dry clean

Flax consists of fiber bundles, where the individual fibers look like small tubes. Hemp absorbs water to almost 60% of its weight and swells by about 30%. During the swelling, these cavities increase. Solid materials from the detergent can now be rinsed into these. When the hemp then dries and the fibers thereby shrink, and the solid material is locked in. Through each wash, new particles enter the fibers. As it dries, the fibers shrink and the voids narrow again. As the trapped particles do not shrink, they burst the pipes. The fabric then becomes brittle and eventually dissolves.

How to dry hemp duvet, mattress protectors and pillow cases?

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Let them dry flat
  • It is also good to shake them from time to time so that the filling does not clump together.