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To create awareness and provide natural and sustainable textiles to all homes
Why Jord?

Jord (pronounced “YORD;” Old Norse Jörð, “Earth”) is an obscure and seldom-mentioned giantess and goddess in Norse mythology. She plays no active part in the tales whatsoever, and is referenced only in passing as being the mother of Thor.

However, Thor’s mother is also called Fjörgyn, Hlóðynn, Fold, and Grund throughout Eddic and skaldic poetry. These names, like “Jord,” all mean “earth,” so, given the context, it’s unlikely that they were thought of as being truly distinct personages.

The name Jord was chosen as we feel it represents something natural. All our products are natural with a least possible impact on earth. When it comes to textiles we are mainly focusing on three different materials; hemp, linnen and bamboo as they are all natural and require very little or no additives at all to grow. For more information see our sustainable materials page.

The company was originally named GoS4u with the same focus of providing sustainable fabrics to your homes.

Mission statement

Our mission, to create an environmental awareness among people, connected to sustainable materials, while providing our customers with fashionable long lasting home textiles and other home products.

Slow fashion in a more sustainable world


Jord of Sweden AB
Strandvägen 7A
114 51 Stockholm

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