Bamboo towels

    Premium towels made of 100% bamboo lyocell. Bamboo towels are super soft, absorb 3-4 times more than cotton and also do not start to smell thanks to their antibacterial properties.

    Bamboo towels

    Bamboo towels are a luxurious upgrade to your home essentials and make a great addition to your bath time routine.

    Soft, super absorbent and sustainable, these towels have many advantages over regular cotton ones. Find out more about why they make the perfect choice for any relaxing experience!

    Black and white bamboo towels
    Black and white bamboo towels

    Highly Absorbent

    Bamboo towels are very absorbent and can hold up to three times more water than regular cotton towels. Not only do they dry quickly, but bamboo towels will also stay fresh and fluffy due to the anti-bacterial properties of the fabric.

    Soft on Sensitive Skin

    Bamboo towels are especially gentle, as the fibers are softer than regular cotton towels. This makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin or any type of skin.

    Bamboo Towels are Hypoallergenic

    Bamboo towels are the ideal option for people with allergies or sensitive skin, as they’re naturally hypoallergenic.

    Antimicrobial Properties

    Bamboo towels are antimicrobial by nature, which ensures the fabric remains germ-free. This is essential to keeping your towels fresh and odorless for much longer than traditional cotton towels.

    Bamboo is Eco-Friendly and Renewable Resource

    An outstanding quality of bamboo is its sustainability. It’s a renewable material, which makes it much easier on the environment than many other fabric sources.

    Black and white bamboo towels


    Bamboo towels

    Experience the luxury of super soft bamboo towels.