Bamboo socks

    Socks with Loose Elastic

    Our socks with loose elastic, blend style with comfort and circulation-friendly design.

    Experience the freedom without compromising on fit, perfect for everyday wear, and for those requiring extra care, such as diabetics.

    Discover the difference with socks that gently embrace your feet without chafing.

    Socks with Loose Elastic
    Sports socks

    Lifewear sportstrumpor, perfekt anpassade för både herr och dam.e är gjorda av mjuk bambuviskos, vilket ger ultimat komfort för alla typer av aktiviteter som löpning, vandring, och golf. Vår förstärkta frottésula kombinerad med en ergonomisk passform ger både hållbarhet och komfort.

    Med sina naturliga antibakteriella egenskaper håller dessa strumpor dina fötter fräscha längre. De är utformade för att vara luftiga och effektivt fuktreglerande, vilket gör dem till det perfekta valet för alla som söker träningsstrumpor, vandringsstrumpor, varma sockor för kyliga dagar, eller bara ett par slitstarka och mjuka strumpor. Våra bambubaserade sportstrumpor levererar maximal komfort för dina fötter, oavsett aktivitet.

    What are Bamboo Socks?
    Bamboo socks are made of bamboo fabric, a natural material that’s antibacterial and antifungal - perfect for keeping your feet clean and odour-free. In addition to this, bamboo fabric is also extremely soft and breathable, making it comfortable enough to wear all day long which helps promote healthy feet.

    How Do Bamboo Socks Improve Your Feet’s Health?
    Bamboo socks provide a number of benefits that can help keep your feet healthy. The bamboo fabric helps wick away moisture better than cotton or synthetic fabrics, which can minimize the risk of athlete’s foot and fungal infections. Additionally, the fabric is more breathable than synthetics so it prevents your feet from becoming too hot and sweaty, reducing the likelihood of developing blisters. Bamboo fabric is also lightweight and stretchy so it won’t bunch up around your toes or rub against them uncomfortably.

    How to Care for Bamboo Socks?
    For best results, it is recommended to machine wash bamboo socks in cold water and hang-dry them to keep them looking their best. As the fabric can be quite delicate, it is important to avoid using fabric softeners or bleach when washing bamboo socks. Additionally, you should store the socks in a cool and dry environment once they have been washed and dried as high temperatures and damp environments can damage the fabric. With proper care, your socks will stay as comfortable and hygienic as ever!

    Are There Different Styles Of Bamboo Socks?
    In addition to providing unbeatable comfort and hygiene, bamboo socks come in a range of stylish designs. Whether you are looking for casual everyday wear or something more formal, such as business socks, there are plenty of heat-regulating options available. With their natural anti-bacterial properties, you’ll feel fresh and healthy all day long no matter which style you choose!

    Bamboo socks

    Super soft

    Bamboo socks

    Experience soft and smooth bamboo socks. A naturally moisture-regulating material that also reducces bacterial growth.

    Bamboo socks