What are the best mattress protectors for bed bugs?

What are the best mattress protectors for bed bugs?

Bed bugs or dust mites can be hard to get rid of and at the same time they pose health risks while you sleep. This can be especially true if you also suffer from allergies.

Instead of getting rid of them, try preventing them from appearing at all. The environment we sleep in, together with our mattresses present a perfect warm and humid environment for bed bugs to thrive in.

Bed bugs and dust mites

Using hemp material as a mattress protector

Because hemp is a breathable material, it keeps you warm in winter and has a welcome cooling effect in warmer temperatures. This is due to its ability to transport moisture away from the body while you sleep, even in areas with high humidity. Any moisture evaporates naturally, making it feel fresh and comfortable.

But, hemp is also a natural anti-allergen with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Dust mites for example don't like hemp and thus, using hemp drastically reduces the amount of bed bugs in your sleeping environment.

For mor information about the benefits of hemp mattress protectors please view this article.

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