Is hemp a sustainable material?

Is hemp a sustainable material?

By buying "Jord of Sweden's" hemp products, you as a customer are not only buying sustainable and organic products, but you are also supporting Ukraine financially.
Our Hemp products are grown and manufactured on a relatively small scale in Ukraine by our partner.
Despite the current situation and the uncertainties it entails, we have continued to place orders with our producer knowing about the security of supply caused by the war.
Our reasoning has been that we try to support the local industry, which is probably the most important thing to be able to return to a somewhat normal everyday life.
If you want to make a choice that both supports Ukraine and the environment, then you should choose hemp products from "Jord of Sweden".

Why Hemp?

Hemp naturally has a number of positive properties that make it a better choice over many products:

  • Hemp products are extremely hard-wearing and durable
  • Hemp absorbs 4X more carbon dioxide than trees
  • Hemp Uses 75% less water than cotton
  • Hemp is naturally antibacterial
  • Hemp Absorbs moisture in the air
  • Bedding made of hemp is better at regulating heat and cold
  • Mattress cover made of Hemp drastically reduces the amount of mites in the bed environment
  • No pesticides are needed when growing hemp
  • Hemp is a natural anti-allergen, and that is precisely why Hemp products are recommended for newborns and generally against hypersensitivity.

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