New linen products - Duvet covers and towels

White and beige double linen duvet covers

We're happy to share that we've released a new collection of linen products. The collection consists of duvet covers, pillow cases and soft waffled linen towels. Our new linen collection comes in three different colors.

Collection Jord comes in a beige color. It has the natural color of linen, which is neither bleached nor dyed.

Collection Misty has a beautiful grey color.

Collection Snow has clean white color.

New complete linen collection

Duvet covers and pillowcases

Our single or twin duvet covers come in a thick, soft, washed linen that will make you long for the bed. Each color has a 190 GSM (Grams per Square Meter). The single duvet weighs 1.37 kg and the twin duvet weighs 2.3 kg.

The duvet cover is fasten at the foot end with beautiful buttons. Our beddings will keep you warm in the winter and because the linen breathes, will help you stay cool in the summer.

Duvet covers and pillow cases can be bought separately, or in various combinations at a lower price.


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Linen towels

Our linen towel collections all come in thick, soft, waffled linen fabric. Each linen collection has a slightly different GSM where snow is the lightest with 310 GSM and Misty being the heaviest with 375 GSM. We are presenting multiple towel sizes, from face towels 30x30 cm to large bath towels measuring 80x145 cm.


Beige linen face towels and towels


These luxurious, high quality linen towels are durable and have a high absorbency. At the same time they dry much faster than many other towel fabrics.  They will serve you for many years and the ability to absorb will improve with each wash.


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New complete linen collection

Linen fabric

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant.

Linen is a very strong, highly absorbent, and fast drying fabric. These properties makes it perfect for use as towels but also as bedlinen.

Linen textiles seam to be some of the oldest in the world. They have been used for many thousands of years. Dyed flax fibers have been found in Southeastern Europe. These findings suggest the woven linen fabrics from wild flax may have been used as far back as 30,000 years ago.

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