Can you wash linen at 40 degrees Celsius - 104 Farenheit?

Can you wash linen at 40 degrees Celsius

As a matter of fact, you should wash linen at 40 degrees Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit. With that being said, linen can actually withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees C or 176 F. This may be applicable if there are severe stains. However, because of the way linen fibers are structured they usually require less washing frequency and also less temperature to clean. This means you can air you linen a bit to freshen them up before you wash them again, thus reducing the amount of washing.

The linen best retains its good properties and beautiful luster if it is washed in detergents that do not contain perborates or optical brighteners. Do not wash the linen with strong detergents as this can result in the natural linen substances of the fibers being dissolved and thus impairing the fabric's shine and strength. Also, do not wash the linen with powder based detergents as it will brake the fibers and make the fabric more brittle.

Centrifugation of your linen is fine, but they will become more wrinkled the higher speed you use. To dry you fabric let it hang and do not tumble dry. Tumbling is energy-intensive and is not needed as the linen fiber dries very quickly on its own. Furthermore, the linen fibers are destroyed when you tumble dry them.

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