A Guide to Buying Linen Duvet Covers

Linen beddings - duvet covers

For a comfortable, luxurious and stylish addition to any bedroom, linen duvet covers are the perfect choice. From choosing the right size and colour to picking the best quality fabrics, our comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect linen duvet cover for your space.


Consider size and color

When purchasing a linen duvet cover, it’s important to consider size and color. You’ll want to measure your current duvet before buying a new cover to make sure it fits snugly. In terms of color, think about how the linen duvet cover will fit in with the overall look of your room. Will you be using bold hues and textures or opting for something more subtle? Choose wisely and you can create a unique design that reflects your individual style.


Explore materials, fabrics and textures

When selecting a linen duvet cover, you’ll want to explore different materials and fabrics. Linen is known for durability and breathability, so it’s a good choice if you want your duvet to feel cool when you sleep. But there are many other options available as well, such as bamboo. Consider how each fabric will feel against your skin and the overall look of your room before deciding which one is right for you.


Factor in washing instructions and shrinkage tendencies

To make sure your linen duvet cover keeps its shape, be sure to check the washing instructions before selecting one. Some fabrics, such as cotton, are prone to shrinkage when exposed to high temperatures or agitated washing cycles. For more delicate fabrics, hand-washing is often recommended to maintain the shape and integrity of the cover. Additionally, read reviews and do your research to determine how each type of fabric holds up over time.


Choose the best closure type for your satisfaction and convenience

The closure of your linen duvet cover will determine your satisfaction and convenience when using it. Button snaps are the most traditional way to close a duvet cover, but they can be difficult to fasten. Zipper closures have become popular as they create a stronger seal and are easy to use. For an even quicker solution, check out hook-and-loop closures which feature fabric strips connected by hook loops that fasten together tightly with a simple tug.


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